Serious Summer Fun

Introducing Our....
New Challenging Course Programme for Juniors for 2015
Over the 15+ years we have been offering Junior Summer Programmes, we have noticed a steady improvement in the English language level of our young leaners each year. In response to this and feedback from our students and agents, the experienced team at IH Dublin have developed its own new course progamme for juniors called
'Serius Summer Fun' which will take place at our centres in Dublin & Cork.
Key Features of the Programme
  • Focus is to make classes as enganging, authentic, challenging & interactive as possible.

  • Factors which have influenced the content: future employment prospects, need for challenge, generating motivation, 'take home value' & responding to students' learning styles.

  • Real life tasks such video lessons, excursion lessons, project & collaboration work, CLIL content, self-assesment & e-portfolios.

  • IH e-Portfolios:
    Each student will create their own web based e-portfolio during the course where they will upload their best work & work they are proud of that they would like to keep for the future or share with their friends and parents back home. For example, students might upload and article they have written for the 'Serius Summer Fun' blog or newsletter, a cartoon story they have created, a test result they are proud of or material they have found useful and would like to use in the future. The e-portfolio can also be accessed by the students' parents which helps involve them in their son/daughter's stay in Ireland.

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    New 'IH Digital Hub'
    As well as the IH e-Portfolios which are an integral part of our new learning programme, we are launching our exciting new 'IH Digital Hub' activity programme which will be part of the classes & afternoon activities at our Dublin & Cork centres.

    Key Features of IH Digital Hub Activity programme:

  • Learning to develop a website
  • Creating and editing videos with classmates for the weekly Serius Summer Fun News Bulleting.
  • Creating and contributing to the Serius Summer Fun Blog about your stay in Ireland and the winning class will be chosen by a celebrity blogger
  • Each class will contribute to the Serius Summer Fun Newsletter which will capture the highlights of each week

  • The winning classes for the Serius Summer Fun News Bulletin, Newsletter & Blog will win a visit to Ireland's largest Digital Newsroom at