Residential Accommodation for Junior Summer Students

For students who join the Residential Junior Summer Programme, accommodation is offered at Wesley College.  The Boarding Houses consist of spacious shared bedrooms with 3, 4 or 5 students per room.  There are comfortable TV, games & relaxation rooms where students can meet their friends.


Accommodation is provided in shared bedrooms with 3, 4 or 5 students per room.  There are numerous shared bathrooms & shower rooms on each floor of the accommodation and these are designed in a way that ensures privacy for all students.  All bedrooms are supplied with bed linen and towels.

Arrival and Departure Days

Students should arrive on the Sunday before the course starts until the Saturday or Sunday after the course ends.

Airport Transfers

Return airport transfers are compulsory for junior students unless students arrive with a parent/guardian. Airport transfers are offered from Dublin Airport to Wesley College at a charge of €80 each way.


All meals are provided in the Wesley College canteen.

Laundry and Bed Linen

Bed linen & towels are provided and changed every week. A laundry service is provided on a weekly basis, unless special care is required such as hand washing, in which case, students should take care of his or her own laundry. All laundry is tumble-dried so items unsuitable for tumble drying should not be sent with the laundry.

ALL items of laundry must be name tagged before arrival(including socks, underwear).

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